Our christening candles are handmade with the style of your choice. Below we describe our basic designs where we will add the details that suit your christening.
Choose details such as embroidering your christening theme, handmade crochet designs, wooden motifs or cushioned designs.  We are open to new ideas that you may want us to create for you!

These are our simple candles decorated with cord, ribbons and motifs.

IMG_20170630_123547 lampada lampadaApli IMG_20180524_123158


Another choice is the candle with wrapped cord and fabric and again the details of the christening.

lampadaOniropagidaBoy lampadaTilixti Λαμπάδα με τυλιγμένο ύφασμα


Ideal for a girly christening, are the candles with cord, crochet and lace ribbons and crochet details.

IMG_20180412_121657b IMG_20170728_124201b


You can also choose a candle with a half-bow design with a single or a double layer of fabric. It is wrapped with cord and decorated with ribbons and motifs of your choice. The baby’s name may also be embroidered on these candles!

IMG_20170714_111610b lampadaElefantaki Θαλασσινό θέμα με μετάξι!


This is similar to the above candles, without the half-bow but still with the material for a minimal unique look.


For a romantic look, we may create a candle with a bow sewn in the fabric of your choice! It is decorated with details of your choice.

flamingoLampada1 lampadaElafaki1 IMG_20180418_113706b


Finally, we create classic puffy tulle candles. (This is one of our designs.)


Choose what suits you and we will create it for you!


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