Every christening needs a special box to carry the necessities to the church. There are different options to suit each persons needs.

For instance we have the wooden boxes in different shades and sizes which are decorated with the christening theme or just with baby’s name or initial. Most of our motifs are embroidered or wooden.


Wooden basket

Wooden Bench

Wooden Cabinet

Wooden cube box

Ορθογώνιο κουτί
Wooden rectangular box

Wooden chest


There are also various wooden shapes such as clouds, boats, wigwams!

Κουτί σε σχήμα σύννεφο με ραφάκια στο εσωτερικό του IMG_20171019_104218 karavi


We also offer travel suitcases or large handbags, or custom made rucksacks again decorated to match the candle.

IMG_20180420_114427 IMG_20171109_124907 IMG_20180313_110325


IMG_6418 IMG_20180524_123414
IMG_20180719_131839 Ένας μικρός ταξιδιώτης
20180724_174826 IMG_20170713_114616


IMG_20180425_125337 IMG_20180705_092006 IMG_20180523_105101


Additional, we have soft padded little houses made of material which again can be used to decorate the baby’s bedroom.

IMG_20170727_150044 IMG_20171206_122235
IMG_20180222_122942 IMG_20180222_123003

Finally, we have large sturdy rectangular or cardboard boxes, which can later be used as keepsake box to store anything special from the christening day and onwards.


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